Nico and the crown

Nicoletta Poli is an eclectic creative from Milan and is constantly in search of ideas that can give the gift of wonder.Her career started with Elio Fiorucci, the man who taught her about creativity and positivist philosophy.

The first object she created for Fiorucci was a heart-shaped hot-water bottle which soon had a cult following. The Fiorucci boutique in Milan was a turning point in the history of communication because it was the first ever concept store. Over the years Nicoletta Poli was instrumental to the success of this store thanks to her sticker, T-shirt and accessory designs.

Following her experience with Fiorucci, she started to transform her ideas into communication strategies and, in 1971, created the Marketing Consultants agency. It still thrives today providing expert advice to large multinationals such as L’Oréal and Nestlé.

At the same time, her design projects have continued to flourish. She is able to create unique works of art and handmade non-commercial items for an earnest and sophisticated clientele through an extensive process of research and experimentation.