“Kitsch keeps anything which appears ugly to the human eye out of sight.”
Milan Kundera

Kitsch originated in the cultured circles of late 19th century Germany, and since then has periodically made resurgences.

What is known about the term ‘Kitsch’ is that it was born in the Bavarian city of Munich in 1870.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria was an eclectic ruler who tried to follow in the footsteps of Louis XIV (the Sun King). He epitomized kitsch in his characteristic monuments, castles and palaces.

Yet even before him, Kitsch had been the chosen style of the nobility and monarchs. It is sometimes given the term ‘Baroque’, or ‘Rococo’, amongst others.

Kitsch appeals to stars and celebrities, both male and female. It is also appreciated by the Queen of England as much as by ostentatious domestic workers. Paraphrasing Nietzsche, it can be said that, although indecent, a hint of Kitsch once in a while can add some zest to our refinement.

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