The idea of the armchairs came about by pure chance. Nicoletta Poli was on the photography set of a publicity campaign. She pinched the crown a model had been using and had a close-up shot taken. At home she found an old armchair; she printed the photo onto the seat back and hung a horn amulet on it. The chair was then taken to the upholsterer to be covered. Eventually, she forgot all about it. A few months later, the upholsterer called Nicoletta Poli and asked her to retrieve the armchair: it been displayed in the shop window and everyone passing by was keen to buy it.

The first series was commissioned by the Moratti family. Then came the notable fiscal expert Roberto Spada, Mila Schön, Matteo Marzotto and Paolo Berlusconi, to name but a few.

Every attention is paid to making each armchair distinct from the others. Time is taken on intense research, collecting items and decoupage. Nicoletta Poli brings together objects she has found on small stalls in Tokyo with pieces she has unearthed rummaging in the most hidden corners of antique shops. This process usually takes about 2 months.

Each armchair tells a story about an individual’s world, their passions, characteristics and quirks that make them unique. As a result, it is clear that whoever offers such a present has thought deeply about the recipient. This is the perfect present for the person who has absolutely everything…except this!


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